25 Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

In light of my own experience of being a bridesmaid in a wedding this week (rehearsal tonight!), I decided to create a list of items for a wedding day emergency kit!

Having been in 6, now 7, weddings, I’ve seen a few things that have made me realize what really needs to be with you for the wedding day. Generally, the MoH is responsible for this, but anyone in the party is welcome to take on this responsibility!


I’ve created two lists (yay!) – one for essential items, one for extras that are helpful to have.


The biggest difference between the two categories is that the list of essential items essentially has to do with the look for the bride and her ‘maids. Stuff pertaining to hair, dresses, and accessories.


Essential Items

  1. White thread – just in case the zipper busts on the bridal gown, buttons pop, tack on a sash last minute

  2. Thread color of bridesmaids – just in case the zipper busts on the bridesmaid dresses (yes, I’ve experienced this one)

  3. SAFETY PINS – just in case the bride doesn’t realize that you have to get the bustle done prior to the wedding (like my sister), or you have to pin your bra to your dress to keep the classy look

  4. Pins – useful for any sewing emergencies

  5. Needles – necessary for any sewing emergencies

  6. Chalk – cover up any tricky stains on the bridal gown

  7. Fashion tape – no unwanted slips 

  8. Steamer – one final steam before you all get dresses will ensure your dresses are picture perfect

  9. Scissors – there’s always a need for these

  10. Bobby pins – keep those stray hairs in line

  11. Hairspray – keep your hair from falling throughout the day

  12. Band-aids – just in case

  13. Lint roller

  14. Non-messy snacks – keep from getting hangry. That’s not good

  15. Mimosas – of course 🙂

15 ESSENTIAL Wedding Day Items

Non-Essential but very helpful

  1. Perfume

  2. Deodorant

  3. Mints

  4. Tide to go pen

  5. Pain relievers

  6. Tissues

  7. Floss

  8. Hand sanitizer

  9. Lotion

  10. Flats for dancing

 10 HELPFUL Wedding Day Items

There may be other items that you find are absolutely necessary, depending on location or other specifics to the wedding you’re in. these are just the essentials I have found really helpful or wish I had in certain circumstances. I generally put everything in a canvas tote where it is more protected than a plastic bag but can still be opened easily.


Of course, I hope you don’t need any of these things, but they certainly will save the day should something happen!


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